Naked Ocean

We first wanted to get involved with ocean clean ups after a huge oil spill had taken place in the Gulf of Mexico. Thousands of marine and wildlife animals had washed up on shore, poisoned to death by the millions of gallons of oil left behind in their homes. Sea turtles and shorebirds were left, at best, crippled by the masses of oil clumped to their bodies and wings. As huge animal lovers, we felt so helpless as did so many others. 


Almost Naked has not only given us the platform to do something we love, which is create fashion forward bathing suits, but it has also given us the opportunity to show support for something we deeply care about which is the well-being of wildlife and conservation of our oceans eco-systems. As a company we strive to do everything we can to help maintain the prosperity of our beautiful oceans and all living beings in and around them. 


After some research, we decided to put together a program called “Naked Ocean”. Our mission is to help better our beaches ecosystems by rehabilitating our shore lines through nationwide and community cleanups. We realize this is a small effort toward a big problem but we are willing to take it on by whatever means necessary and contribute to bettering our oceans and beaches. If you are interested in contributing to our efforts please contact us at

Photo: Newport Beach- this was the amount of trash we picked up in one hour.