Sun Kissed: Tips for protecting your skin

We had a million reasons why we shouldn’t do it; yet we laid there, almost naked, letting our bodies sizzle like a fried egg on a Sunday morning. We have been told so many times to be careful, and that we would ruin the largest organ of our body (our skin), if we continued to be the California beach bum I was. 

We were born to feel the warmth of the sun mixed with the crisp sand, and the deep blue pacific between my toes; but with this blazing passion of ours, came a deep desire to be free of melanoma and wrinkles. From two sun-soaked goddess to another, we are going to share a few top-secret tips and tricks to help you keep up your glow in the healthiest way possible.

  1. Be a FIEN for the SUN SCREEN

 I know this one is pretty obvious, but in all seriousness, making sure you are lathered from head to toe each and every time you hit those sandy shores is crucial. Your epidermis will thank you later.  

My favorite brand is COOLA! Not only is it ultra-protective and hydrating, the scented screens will leave you with an “island drink” essence that ensures you crave more.


  1. RE-APPLY so you don’t fry

We have all been there. We have spent the first few minutes before a fun-filled day in the sun lathering ourselves in our ultraviolet protectants. Then, we hop in the water or get caught up drinking one to many alcoholic beverages and POOF, just like that time has flown by and you don’t need a mirror to know you look like a lobster. Try to reapply every 30 minutes to keep from looking like marine cuisine.

  1. WEAR, especially if you’re FAIR

 Even if you do not have a fair skin tone, it never hurts to make sure you have a cute brimmed hat and your favorite sunglasses on hand for a day outing. Luckily, these have become some of the most fashionable, must-have accessories all year round. Long gone are the days of tanning booths and baby oil bronzing! Although I am still a huge fan of tan, I know there are so many healthy ways to do this while keeping our skin happy and healthy.