About Us

Almost Naked Swimwear was originally founded by Kylie Williams in 2013 who was on a mission to create a beautiful line of swimwear that fits like a glove. After attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Fashion Merchandising, Kylie met her cofounder Amanda Pace. Six years later they combined their joint passion for creating and designing swimwear pieces that make women feel beautiful. Inspired at an early age of making patterns with her pattern designer grandmother, Kylie created Almost Naked when she was just 16 years-old. After college, Kylie and Amanda, born and raised beach girls, started working 9-5 jobs in the design industry but shortly after realized they wanted more for themselves and their career. This led them to the decision to become business partners and create a brand with a greater purpose that they’re proud to call their own. Amanda and Kylie are young, determined women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a swimwear line that empowers women to feel free, sexy, and comfortable in swimwear fabric that’s luxurious to the touch and fits different body shapes perfectly. Their childhoods of living in swimwear by the beach gave them the inspiration to create something that will make women feel confident, like they are Almost Naked.